Our History

The beginnings of the ministry of the Anointed Life Fellowship Church was born in the heart of God and deposited into the heart of Pastor Gregory Hopkins. In November of 1996, on the tenth day of the month, the first Sunday service began with an awesome move of God’s glory that moved on the people, 19 people joined the church on that first Sunday service. Those new members of the church saw that the glory of the Lord was upon it as they embarked upon new horizons in the anointing of God. The Anointing of God is focus of ministry, given their understanding of the anointing. The Lord led Pastor Hopkins to name the church after the anointing of God, “Anointed Life Fellowship Church.”Their motto is, “An Anointed Life is a Spirit-led Life.” Being a non-denominational church and independent of any other denominational body, it would seem that the Anointed Life Fellowship Family would be out on their own to find their way through this life in ministry, but the Lord had something very different in mind. The Lord led Pastor Hopkins and the Anointed Life Fellowship Family to partner with World Changers Church International and Creflo Dollar Ministries. This affiliation has help them to work in ministry with effectiveness and be submitted to godly authority, giving an account of their ministry to those to whom God has given them to be in covenant partnership. Growth in membership and the power of God’s word is elevating the church to greater levels in the Spirit of God. Understanding the goodness of the Lord in their lives has given them a deeper love for their relationship with the Lord that creates a strong desire to share that same love of God to others. This same understanding through the Word of God is building a Spirit of excellence that is being modeled and patterned in the body of Christ. They truly believe they have the most loving and caring group of people found in any church any where.

Their first year went on without any problems that the Lord could not fix by power of the Holy Spirit. They have made great strides in coming from worshiping in a community center and moving great amounts of sound equipment, chairs, and other items every Sunday for two and a half years, to where they are now in a permanent location ministering to the community, experiencing multiple power packed worship services, bible studies, fellowships, intercessory prayer times, and effective outreach has all attributed to the success of the ministry. Today they are still walking in the glory of the Lord, striving to make all that they do pleasing to Him. They are experiencing Days of Heaven Upon the Earth!