The Ministries and Departments of Anointed Life Fellowship

Vision Ministry School

This department provides members and new members with understanding of the vision and mission of ALFC. Vision Ministry School is a viable resource for learning the Word of God in a classroom setting. Each class has the latest in education material to aid the students in their ability to comprehend the gospel message.

Music Ministry

Music is a vital part of the praise and worship at ALFC. With anointed singers and musicians the music in Anointed Life is ALIVE and exciting and ministers to those in attendance, preparing them to receive the Preached Word of God.

Sounds of Glory Media Ministry

This ministry is responsible for overseeing the audio and video production during the worship services and for the recording of the services for the purpose of duplication. These tapes and CDs can be purchased through Word Works Bookstore here in the ministry for your own spiritual enrichment.

Media Ministry

A ministry designed to carry the Gospel to the four corners of the world through the medium of television, newspaper, radio and by spreading the word from one witness to another.

The Anointed Women of God

The women of ALFC formed this ministry to minister to women in every area of their lives and to help them overcome life’s obstacles through the Word of God.

The Mighty Men of Valor

The men of ALFM meet 1st and 3rd Monday nights to discuss issues that are relative to those that men are faced with on a daily basis. With bible study and prayer together as men of God, the Mighty Men of Valor Men’s ministry is leading men to the places that God has called them to be revealing to them the destiny and potential of their lives.

Covenant Marriage Makers Fellowship – M&M’s Ministry

The marriage is an ordained institution of God between a Man and a Woman to live together in Holy union to reflect the image of God in their lives. The M&M’s ministry is anointed of God to do just that in teaching couples how to live together and prosper in their marriages.

Singles Ministry

The single members of ALFM come together to study the Word, to discuss issues on Single Christian servant hood, and to be a support to those single Christians who are struggling with some deeper issues in their dating relationships as prospective husbands and wives.

Evangelism Ministry

The evangelism ministry is a ministry with boldness to spread the Word of God all over the world without compromise. A ministry whose responsibility it is to help save that which is lost and to reconcile men, women, boys, and girls back to the Love of Christ.

Anointed Life Covenant Children’s Ministry

The children are an heritage of the Lord for they are the precious ones in the sight of the Lord. For this ministry is design to lead the children of ALFC to a better understanding of who God is in their lives.

H.I.T.S. Ministry

Hitting and Infiltrating the Streets Ministry is compromised of the boldest and most responsive group of people in the ministry who take charge in ministering the Word of God to those who are in the streets.

Inner City Ministry

The need for tutoring, self esteem building, personal hygiene, loving thy neighbor, balanced diet, and many other things make up all the necessities of this ministry. This ministry will guide those involved to a better standard of life as well as developing a strong commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation ministry will aid in the transporting of the membership who do not have a way to get to church or to any of the functions for which the church body will be involved.

Physical Life Resource Center

This ministry provides a point of contact to those with social service needs. Resource coordinators assist these individuals in acquiring resources such as food, clothing and shelter through financial counseling and aid.

Prison Ministry

This program brings compassion, caring and church services to inmates in correctional facilities. It offers group and individual counseling as well as encouragement through written correspondence.

Anointed Life Dance and Worship Team

Dance before God is an act of gratitude and worship unto Him. The Dance Team will lead the congregation in an attitude of worship and praise through Spirit-Led dance.

Saving Our Sisters – S.O.S.

SOS is an outreach ministry program designed to help support, renew, strengthen, and reform the unmarried female who’s under the stress of raising children without the support of a husband in the home.

Word Works Bookstore

The bookstore is a vital arm of the ministry which aids and assists in the distribution of the Word of God through tapes, CDs, music, books, and other forms of media.